Fish Mint  Herbs
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Fish Mint Herbs

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The plant grows well in moist to wet and even slightly submerged in water in partial or full sun. Plants can become invasive in gardens and difficult to eradicate. Propagation is by division. It likes sun or shade, but has the most color in the sun. The leaves grow in a wide range of colors, yellow, bronze, cream, red, and green. It is widely cultivated as culinary herb abd used in salads the Asian Community. It will die back completely after a hard freeze but is hardy zone 5-8.

We Shipped Bare root with some leaves, leaves will be wilted during stress of shipment however roots is still alive.Here are tips for planting:

  • Plant right away and water every few days, within 4 weeks new leaves will sprout
  • Perennial - will regrow every year and multiply, plant in a pot is best as it is invasive. Plant will pay for it self year after year
  • Edible, great in salads

SPECIAL SHIPPING NOTE: Some states have their own importing restrictions/regulations, so please check with your local Post Office or the Agriculture department BEFORE PURCHASING. It is the buyers’ responsibility to become informed of their local/state restrictions...NO REFUNDS will be issued due to REFUSED/RETURNED/DESTROYED plants (happens during transit). 

It is not uncommon to find a few brown/bent leaves upon arrival. This is normal and does not affect the plant in any way. Just prune off the affected leaves and your plant will be just fine.

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